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Journaling: K is for Keeping Track

For those who are familiar with the latest Bullet Journal craze, you know all about habit trackers and collections. For those who have not hopped on this bandwagon, let me explain.

Keeping track of daily activities helps us develop good habits. For example, if the goal is to increase my water intake, I track how many ounces I drink each day. Or if I want to declutter the house, I keep track of how many trash bags I collect each week.

While tracking our efforts is worthwhile, analyzing our actions, reflecting on them, and journaling our thoughts and feelings add to the value. If we understand our motivation (or lack thereof) … we can make mindful decisions to help us achieve our goals. Discovering our “why” gives us the determination we need to overcome resistance.

Journals also keep track of other significant items or events. For example, readers use journals to track the books they read throughout the year. They not only jot down the title and author but also write a quick review and reflection.

This same process can be applied to lovers of music, art, poetry, quotes, or … you get the idea. Use the journal to document new artists, songs, and lyrics. Reflect upon why you like them and how they make you feel.

Trackers are extremely flexible. You can track finances to screen time and everything in between. Trackers are only limited by your imagination.

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  • Pat

    Molly – another “yup”. I’ve added a tracker into my regular journal this year – New and/or Fun Things. My goal is 101 this year (I’m at 51). I hadn’t thought about books read (intriguing) or other goals. You’ve got me thinking!

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