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Journaling: L is for Legacy

Leaving a legacy is near and dear to my heart. I strongly believe in documenting our life’s stories for the next generation.

Legacy journaling seeks self-discovery with the intent of sharing with others.

The first step in Legacy journaling is to discover WHO we are by analyzing life experiences, values and beliefs, spiritual gifts and talents, and heart’s desires. The intersection of all these components informs us as to the next steps to take in life.

The second aspect of Legacy journaling is to leave a record for future generations. Let them know who we are, what we stand for, and how we interpret the world around us. This not only helps them to better understand us, but it will also help them to better understand themselves.

We all have family stories shared around the dining room table. Put those down on paper. Preserve them for the next generation — and the ones after that.

Of course, not all journals will be passed down. In fact, the idea of sharing private thoughts can prevent us from writing our truth. When this is the case, I have two suggestions:

  1. Use an online software program and password protect your entries (I can personally recommend the Day One app and the Penzu website) … or
  2. Hide the physical journals in a safe place. Tell only your closest friend of their location with clear instructions to destroy them after you are gone.

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