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Journaling: M is for Milestone Moments

Milestones are those significant moments that led us to the present day. Sometimes we plan these moments. Other times they unexpectedly hit us like a ton of stones. But these are the times we can point to and say, “This was a defining moment.”

I find it best to think about life in terms of decades. For example, what are your earliest memories? Would any of these be considered milestone moments?

What about the first decade of life (essentially, elementary school). What significant events do you remember? How did they shape you to become the person you are today?


  • What about the second decade (junior high, high school, college)?
  • Your 30s (young adult)?
  • Your 40s and 50s (active family life and career)?
  • Later decades (retirement and grandchildren)?

Sometimes it is helpful to first plot these milestone moments on a timeline. Then select one. Journal through the thoughts and feelings that bubble up when you think back on that particular experience.

Milestone Moments are a valuable tool in self-discovery. They help us connect our present with our past in powerful ways.

(photo credit: RealWorkHard from Pixabay)


  • Pradeep

    Hi Molly, such entries sort of reinforces the achievements and the efforts we have made to achieve them. It is a good idea. Though I haven’t noted down anywhere those moments, I do recall many of them.
    — Pradeep | bpradeepnair.blogspot.com

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