About Me

I began blogging in 2009. At that time I was teaching several English classes at a small private school, and writing book reviews seemed a logical foray into the blogging world.

Now semi-retired … I have the opportunity to reconnect with other interests that lay dormant all these years. I still love to read, of course, but now I also pursue travel, photography, and writing.

All these passions are intimately connected. Reading enhances my writing. Journaling helps me reconnect with my authentic self. I cannot travel without a camera or notebook. And I feel compelled to tell the story behind the photo through scrapbooks.

As I transition into retirement, I find myself thinking more about life: lessons learned from the past as well as adventures to ponder for the future.  I may be older and a bit slower, but I have plenty of life yet to live. If you’re only as old as you feel, then I’m about 38.

Life-long learning is one of my deep-seated values. It is through this pursuit of knowledge that my love of writing grew from private journal entries to include creative non-fiction books as well as Middle-Grade historical novels. I recently self-published three books and have many more ideas waiting patiently for their turn to mature.

Family is another deep-seated value, which compels me to leave a tangible legacy. My vision is to marry one photo (worth 1,000 words) with one essay to create a meaningful narrative for future generations. Special celebrations, travel memories, or photos of nature can all be part of a memoir that documents our faith, values, and history.

These are my heart’s desires. And my Cozy Book Nook is where I give them voice.

I look forward to sharing these passions with you and encouraging you to pursue your own. All it takes is a desire of the heart – and a willingness to step out in faith.

Welcome to Molly’s Cozy Book Nook … please find a comfortable spot and stay awhile.