Italian Family Christmas

Title: Italian Family Christmas: Recipes and Traditions Surrounding the Feast of Seven Fishes
Published by: CreateSpace
Release Date: November, 2017
Pages: 152
ISBN13: 978-1975736026

Italian Family Christmas centers around the Vigil -- the Christmas Eve Feast of Seven Fishes my husband's grandmother prepared for several decades.

When we moved to Kansas in 1990, I assumed Vigil responsibilities. But who will take over when I'm gone? Our traditions involve more than a few words on an index card. 

For example, in what order should you prepare the various courses so that all are ready to consume at the same time?

How has the original Vigil adapted and changed to suit our immediate family's personal tastes?

What is the story behind our use of Cora's once-a-year china?

This book documents the traditions and recipes left as a legacy for my children. May you find joy and inspiration for your family holidays within the stories and recipes of Italian Family Christmas.

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